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funny jokes or real clothes for goatsWe have a great assortment of perfect gifts for your favorite goat.

- Goat Footwear: Choose from a variety of styles including Running Shoes, Hiking Boots, Evening Wear, Walking Shoes, Rubber Boots and Slippers.

(all pairs of shoes include 4 shoes and come in 3 sizes SM, M & L)

Goat Clothing: Seasonal clothing includes Arobics outfits, Sweat Suits, Bathing Suits, Evening Wear, 3 Piece Suits (with velcro to stay on), Business Clothing, Party Clothes and Full Diving Wet Suits - good to 300ft includes 4 booties and 4 flippers.

Funny goat clothes and jokes for everyone at goatsonlineThanks again for visiting www.goatsonline.com. We believe we are the leaders in the business of providing much needed clothing and accessories for farm goats. Personally I find they are much more presentable when dressed to go or just for show.

  • We are currently looking for people willing to provide initial investment capital with a guarantee no return on their investment.
  • Our initial capital investment will provide new clothing and transportation for the 12 goats on the board of directors as well as grain and fresh good quality hay for their buddies.
  • Each of the 12 directors of the company will require bridge capital to get haircuts and peticures.hairy goat clothes and purple pygmy party pants
  • All investors interested in pursuing this incredible opportunity please send a note with a goat or email us a cheque.

Thanks Kindly for your interest,